Engineering Services

A successful project starts with well-engineered drawings. Our talented team analyzes drawings, sketches and all manufacturing data to determine dimensions, configuration of cuts, forming, weldment, surface finishing and coating, assembly and palletization of goods according to customer stated tolerance or preference.

LBI Brings Your Ideas To Life

Design plans showing the flat view and formed view

From Concept...

Our engineers will notify the customer for approval of any necessary changes to avoid discrepancy among working print revisions.

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Customer Bench Project

To Creation!

A working knowledge of shop processes, parts and material specifications, as well as machine and employee capabilities allow our engineers to exercise discretion and judgement to yield the most efficient means of production

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Metal Cutting
A photo of LBI's plasma cutter
The LBI optical laser machine

About Us

Excellence in Steel Fabrication

Started in a three-car garage in Bluefield, Virginia in 1974, Lawrence Brothers, Inc. Forty-six years later, Lawrence Brothers, Inc. now operates out of an 80,000+ sq. ft. facility with more than 60 employed under the direction of company CEO Fernando Protti and President Melanie Protti-Lawrence. As a heavy metal fabricator specializing in mine battery trays, the customer list includes all the major battery manufacturers such as EnerSys, Deka, and Crown.

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Optical Laser Machine