Fabrication Services

Lawrence Brothers Inc. strives to stay at the forefront of the latest fabrication techniques. We offer metal cutting, welding, sawing & shearing, and finishing services.

What We Do

An employee welding together mine battery tray components


Our team of craftsman welders provide years of expertise in the trade. Our multiple welding bays can be arranged to fit weldments of almost any size up to 10,000 lbs. Our Daihen AX-V6L and FD-V8L robotic welders provide reliably precise welding part after part through auto-sensing and seam tracking on up to three multi-axis work stations.”

LBI's plasma cutter in action

Metal Cutting

We have a variety of metal cutting machinery to handle mild steel, stainless, electrical silicon steel, armored plate and aluminum. Our available technology includes a 4kW Mitsubishi laser capable of handling up to 3/4” thick material within 1/32” tolerance on a 72”x144” cut table, a 2.5kW HK Fiber Optic laser capable of cutting up to 1/2“ material within 1/32” tolerance on a 60”x120” cut table and a 260A Sector Plasma/OxyFuel torch able to cut material up to 2” thick within 1/16” tolerance on a 96”x240” cut table.

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Sawing and Sheering

Sawing, Shearing, & Stamping

Though more traditional, yet no less effective, we offer sawing of almost any shape bar, round or structural metals up to 17”x25”. Our Cincinnati Power Shear can effectively cut up to 1/2“ material on a 120” wide working table. We also offer micro-percussion stamping to put a unique label on your parts making asset management much easier.

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Finishing Services

Finishing & Coating

No job is complete without a durable and attractive finish. We specialize in high-quality coatings to help protect your product for years after manufacturing. We offer sandblasting, surface grinding, steam washing, plastisol coating, priming and powder coating. Our powder coat system can manage parts up to 9 ft. wide, 25 ft. long and up to 6 tons. Let us take your product from start to finish, or simply provide your company with a high-end coating solution to protect your parts.

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Welding Helmet
Lawrence Brothers Inc. - Sand Blasting Process
The inside of one of LBI's facilities

About Us

Excellence in Steel Fabrication

Started in a three-car garage in Bluefield, Virginia in 1974, Lawrence Brothers, Inc. Forty-six years later, Lawrence Brothers, Inc. now operates out of an 80,000+ sq. ft. facility with more than 60 employed under the direction of company CEO Fernando Protti and President Melanie Protti-Lawrence. As a heavy metal fabricator specializing in mine battery trays, the customer list includes all the major battery manufacturers such as EnerSys, Deka, and Crown.

Lawrence Brothers Inc. Optical Laser Machine